OHBA – 2016 Annual Awards



September 20, 2016 Collingwood, Ontario….

The Ontario Home Builders’ Association’s (OHBA) President’s Gala welcomed president Neil Rodgers and paid tribute to association members and local associations for their dedicated commitment to the association.

OHBA presented the Stratford & Area Builders’ Association (SABA) with its 2016 Local Association of the Year Award. Among SABA’s list of outstanding achievements was their community engagement, member services, exceptional leadership and successful advocacy work. Notably is SABA’s work within the community, the local has partnered with several high schools on build projects where they work with the students on the fundamentals of building and budgeting. Recently, funding for this program was set to be cut however SABA members, knowing the opportunities this program provided for students, pooled resources to fund this program themselves. In addition, the local provides six yearly scholarships to deserving students who are pursuing an apprenticeship or post-secondary education in the building and construction industry. The local places a strong emphasis on education and advancing careers in the skilled trades with the local offering Pre-Apprenticeship Training programs for unemployed and underemployed people as well as a program encouraging more women to get involved with the skilled trades. “SABA is a smaller local whose impact within the association and industry is huge. They are among the biggest advocates for encouraging youth to consider careers in the skilled trades and provide numerous opportunities for students to get involved and learn more,” said Neil Rodgers, President of OHBA. “SABA has also been incredibly supportive of the work OHBA does at the provincial level and is quick to volunteer to participate in any meeting or event on behalf of the association.”

Chuck McShane, President of the Niagara Home Builders’ Association (NHBA) and Division Manager at St. Catharine’s Building Supplies, was named 2016 OHBA Member of the Year. Chuck’s passion for the industry has made him a dedicated and strong advocate for NHBA, where he has served as president three times, as well as for provincial association. Highly active in his community, Chuck has participated and spearheaded several charitable events, most notably is the work he has done with the Mike Strange Foundation where he sits on the Board of Directors. Chuck has also been a big supporter of getting youth into skilled trades and has travelled the province advocating to the College of Trades for apprenticeship reform in Ontario. Well known among his local representatives, Chuck works hard to inform them on issues that impact the industry; his efforts have significantly heightened the credibility and influence of his local association. “Chuck McShane has been a champion and leader within his local association as well as here at OHBA,” said Rodgers, who added, “His can-do attitude and desire to affect positive change within the industry is inspiring. Never one to shy away from any task, Chuck is always the first to throw his name in the ring and it is nice to know we have a member of his caliber to call upon when needed.”

John Herbert, Executive Officer of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) was awarded the David Horton Leadership Award recognizing his outstanding contributions to the industry and his fellow association professionals. John has had a lengthy and successful career in various capacities within the residential homebuilding and commercial building industries. After graduating from University of Waterloo, John worked as a planner for the City of Edmonton and from there he moved to an international stage where he managed the exportation of Canada’s wood-frame technology to Russia. Highly supportive of the work the associations do at all three levels of government, John is quick to lend his expertise and assistance to any member, Executive Officer or association when called upon. A true leader within the association, John has been an invaluable mentor to new Executive Officers as well as the presidents within his local in Ottawa. Respected and admired by his peers, John is a dedicated advocate for the new home building and professional renovation industries. “We have truly benefited from having John as part of our association,” said Rodgers, who continued, “His unwavering commitment to the industry, his success as an Executive Officer and his devotion to giving back to the community has led to the success of many events and initiatives across the province. John is known for his passion for the industry and never one to shy away from the issue. The association is fortunate to have a strong advocate like John in our midst. ” The award honours the memory of David Horton who served as Executive Director of OHBA for more than 25 years.

Diane Murray of Union Gas was the recipient of a special recognition award for her outstanding leadership within the industry and her contributions to the association. Diane has served on the OHBA Executive Committee for 11 years and has been an active member at her local association as well as a strong representative for OHBA. Chatham-Kent Home Builders’ Association (CKHBA) was honoured with a special recognition for their charitable work within the community. This past year CKHBA became very involved with a home renovation project for a young girl within their community who had been diagnosed with a rare congenital defect that cause her to have a stroke at the age of nine. CKHBA undertook the initiative to renovate the young girl’s home to accommodate her medical needs.

Sheila Hissa of Prime Time Financial, Shari Pryce of Reliance Home Comfort and Dorothy Stewart of Enbridge were also honoured with a special recognition awards for their contributions to their local association, the Simcoe County Home Builders’ Association (SCHBA) who hosted this year’s conference and have been instrumental in organizing this year’s event.

The Ontario Home Builders’ Association is the voice of the building, land development and professional renovation industry in Ontario representing 4,000 member companies organized into 30 local associations across the province. Our members have built over 700,000 homes in the last ten years in over 500 Ontario communities. The industry contributes over $45 billion to Ontario’s economy, employing over 300,000 people across the province.


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