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“SCHBA’s work representing our industry is incredibly important. They make sure their members don’t stand alone, and work diligently to ensure that our voice is heard.”

Will Denke, CRS Contractors Rental Supply

Will Denke,

Owner, Contractors Rental Supply

SCHBA Member since 1999


I’ve been in the construction industry for more than 40 years, and I’ve never seen an organization on par with SCHBA. When I joined 16 years ago, I already knew the value of building strong relationships with customers, competitors, and local government. What I didn’t know was how much joining SCHBA would positively impact my business, and me personally.

I can easily tell you that SCHBA’s regular meetings and top-notch communications have made it easy to stay informed on how SCHBA is looking out for our industry at city council and at Queen’s park. I can let you know how much easier it’s been to secure new business through contacts with in SCHBA. But what I can’t stress enough is the quality of the people here. Over 16 years, strong business relationships have led to even stronger friendships – a real community of support for our industry.

If you’re considering joining SCHBA, take it from a veteran of this industry – do it. It’s a worthwhile investment for your business, and it’s an opportunity to help shape and protect the industry through better representation. The great people are just a bonus.


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