Members said

Mark Mulder,

As a young business owner, I can’t recommend membership with SCHBA enough. From my very first meeting, I recognized that the professionalism of the association, along with the incredible resources they provide for business owners, would make a huge difference for my company. And it did – the contacts I made through SCHBA and the resources they’ve provided has more than doubled my business. If you’re a young business owner, SCHBA membership is a no-brainer. You’ll meet amazing people, your business will grow, and you'll be part of an active community that fights for our industry. I can’t believe I didn’t join sooner.

Mark Mulder, Northern Plumbing Systems Inc

Sure, I can tell you that SCHBA’s regular meetings and top-notch communications have made it easy to stay informed on how SCHBA is looking out for our industry at city council and at Queen’s park. I can let you know how much easier it’s been to secure new business through contacts with in SCHBA. But what I can’t stress enough is the quality of the people here. Over 16 years, strong business relationships have led to even stronger friendships – a real community of support for our industry.

Will Denke, CRS Contractors Rental Supply
Will Denke,

Grace Doiron,

When I joined SCHBA, it was to build stronger networks in the building industry as a mortgage broker. I found very quickly that this association offered a whole lot more than just networking. What I found was a caring, community conscious organization that has since become like a family.

Grace Doiron, RBC Royal Bank

When I talk to people about joining SCHBA, I always tell them that it is incredibly important to take ownership. As a single company or person, it is very difficult to get noticed or be heard. As part of a strong association, your voice is heard - and actually listened to. SCHBA works hard for it's members, and I've seen first-hand the positive impact it has on your business.

Heljar Hansen, Pratt Homes
Heljar Hansen,