“This is Not Business As Usual”

“This is Not Business As Usual”

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Premier Doug Ford made it clear, the construction industry has been put on notice regarding health and safety standards on jobsites during the COVID-19 State of Emergency with residential construction being included as an essential workplace under that order.

The Premier stated that Ministry of Labour inspectors will be active on jobsites to assess sanitary conditions and to confirm that enhanced precautions are being taken. Premier noted that while that majority of businesses, general contractors, renovators and builders are taking extra precautions, there remain a few bad actors in the sector.

In Ontario workers have always had the right to refuse work if they deem conditions unsafe.

Premier Ford has been absolutely crystal clear, if the industry does not take every step necessary to look after the health and safety of workers, jobsites will be shut down.

If businesses are not meeting the health and safety standards of the Ministry of Labour,

Jobsites will be shut down.

It is NOT business as usual – take enhanced health and safety seriously and implement new measures or be shut down.

OHBA leadership agrees with the Premier. If jobsites are not safe, they should be shutdown. Worker safety is the top priority during this COVID-19 State of Emergency.

There have been public calls to “suspend” or “pause” construction sites for up to 2 weeks by various groups and now the Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

It is important that members immediately enhance health and safety on their sites and implement COVID-19 protocols if they want to keep their sites open. I know many of our homebuilders and renovators are on the tools, working with their employers and trade partners, so let’s keep each other safe.

As the Ministry of Labour and Chief Prevention Officer work to provide more direction, I encourage you to consult our industry guide on enhanced health and safety precautions and implement them as soon as possible.

This document has been approved for circulation by the respective Co-chairs of the Provincial Labour Management Health and Safety Committee – Section 21 Construction and the Provincial Labour Management Safety Committee – Section 21 Electrical Utility.

Please review and support the Residential Construction Industry Statement COVID-19 Health and Safety Statement – email us back lsisnett@ohba.ca or tweet back your support for the statement – https://www.ohba.ca/residential-construction-industry- covid-19-health-and-safety-statement/

OHBA will continue to provide our members will timely updates as the COVID-19 situation evolves. Please follow us on twitter @OntarioHBA for updates.

Let’s keep each other safe. We are all in this together. #OntarioSpirit

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