Terms of Submission

Terms of Submission

Code of Ethics

Members shall comply with the Ontario Building Code as a minimum standard for construction and shall work towards its improvements in the interests of structural sufficiency, safety and health.

Members shall plan their sites and homes to conform to the principles of good community planning and support for the environment.

Members shall deal justly with their employees, subcontractors and suppliers of all goods and services.

Members shall exchange information and experience, and encourage research on materials, technical advancements and building techniques in order to provide the best value for their customers.

Members shall avoid all conduct or practice detrimental to the house building industry, the Association, the good name or reputation of any of its members or its customers.

Members shall actively promote health & safety principles.

Members shall treat their competitors, including their property and ideas, with respect.

These responsibilities are freely and solemnly assumed as they form part of an obligation as Members of the Simcoe County Home Builders’ Association.

It is the mandate of the Canadian Home Builders; Association at all levels, local, provincial, and national, to provide information, memberships and foster communication. Ex: catalogues of members, internet information, new products and service, ext. These herby consents to the use of your information contained in the application to used on all three levels.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of your membership must be done with written notice to Office@SimcoeHomeBuilders.com, prior to the renewal date of your membership. Membership will automatically renew yearly on the month in which you joined the Association.

Payment Terms

Terms of all SCHBA invoices are net 30 days. Invoice will automatically be emailed to your A/P department, unless otherwise directed. A statement of accounts along with any overdue invoices with be mailed after 30 days. At 90 days you will receive a reminder phone call from the SCHBA Secretary Treasurer or Executive Officer. Any invoice in arrears of 120_ days without response, will result in a automatic cancellation of membership. A letter of cancellation will be mailed to your head office. The undersigned also agrees to only use or display any Association log or emblem so long as they remain an SCHBA member in good standing with an active membership status.

Addition Terms

Any changes to your company name, address and/or contact details should be changed immediately with the SCHBA office, by written notice to Office@SimcoeHomeBuilders.com

Prior to acceptance, I (We) herby consent to any of the references listed being contracted and I understand that new membership are subject to one-year probation. Must provide 2 references. I must be an OHBA member.

Upon acceptance, the undersigned promised to abide by the Constitution, By Laws, and Code of Ethics of the Association and pledges support of the Association for the general good and welfare of the building industry and members in general. For a copy of the SCHBA By-laws pleas contact the SCHBA office.